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Winnetka hosts a large number of pests, for example the not so delightful wasp. The type of wasp will certainly depict its appearance although the majority feature skinny waists and 2 pair of wings.

Similar to bees, a number of wasps are social and dwell in colonies, made up of anywhere from 100s to thousands of wasps. The female wasps care for the nest and eggs. Solitary wasps are not going to need to have a colony as they opt to live by themselves and also produce eggs, but they won’t stay there with their offspring in the meantime.

You can find both parasitic and predatory wasps in the Winnetka area. The benefit to predatory wasps is that they execute and eat several other annoying bugs that they use to nourish their larvae. Parasitic do lay eggs but not in the nest; they’re going to lay their eggs inside a caterpillar or spider where the larvae will have reliable nourishment via the surviving host.

Don’t assume all wasps are hostile but those that are can certainly hurt after they sting you. However, they will sting multiple times if needed. While they can be troublesome pests to have, they actually do have a perk and that is destroying the pests that put vegetation and flowers and plants in jeopardy.

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